About us

About Us

As a purpose-driven brand, we connect people with opportunities while broadening our understanding of our planet and its people. Both in the air and on the ground, we reduce our carbon footprint, promote a fair working environment that values diversity and inclusion, and ensure these in the communities where we live, work, and serve. We focus on living our values.

One of Delta great features is its extensive route network. The company serves more than 300 destinations on six continents thanks to its membership in the SkyTeam Alliance, which enables seamless travel connectivity around the world. This extensive network offers travelers a wide range of options for both business and leisure purposes.

Our Mission

Delta Airlines mission is to connect the world and create opportunity, joy and inspiration for people and communities around the world. This mission reflects Deltas commitment to serving as a global airline, going beyond transportation. We focus on:

Connecting the World: Delta primary mission is to facilitate travel and connect people and places around the world. Their goal is to provide accessible and efficient air travel options that connect diverse cultures, destinations and communities.

Creating Opportunities: Delta recognizes that air travel can open doors to new experiences, whether for business, pleasure or personal reasons. Delta Air Lines is committed to creating opportunities for individuals, businesses and communities to thrive by providing reliable and safe transportation.

People and Community: Delta's mission is not only to serve individual travelers, but also to actively contribute to the communities we serve. The company recognizes its responsibility to be a good corporate citizen by supporting local communities, charities and sustainable practices.